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American Airlines flight was founded in 1930 and is one of the largest airlines in the world. American founder C.R Smith along with Donald Douglas created DC-3 that was a breakthrough in the airline industry. American airlines flights reservations are available at good deals online. American airlines deals are available both online and offline. American airlines flights can be booked at the counter or American Airlines flash sale on Fareskart.

Class of Service

  • Flagship First
    1. On the ground:
      • - Premium check in
      • - Access to lounge
      • - Speedy security and check in
      • - Access to lounge
      • - Flagship dining
      • - Spa and rejuvenation at arrivals lounge
    2. In the air:
      • - Lie flat seats
      • - Free entertainment
      • - Premium dining
      • - Cole haan amenity kit
      • - Casper sleep set
  • Flagship Business
    1. On the ground:
      • - Speedy check in
      • - Flagship lounge
      • - Arrivals lounge advantages
    2. In the air:
      • - More leg and cabin space
      • - Complimentary travel kits
  • First Class
    1. On the ground:
      • - Fast check-in, security and boarding at the airport
      • - Getting your checked bags first when you land
    2. In the air:
      • - Comfortable seats: Your cabin has wider rooms and more legroom.
      • - Premium dining: The airlines has partnered with the famous chef Julian Barsotti to serve premium menus in First.
      • - Free entertainment: all entertainment inside the flight is free of cost. Seatback and wireless streaming videos also available.
      • - Wifi: don't miss out on work or anything while in the flight. You can buy wifi in selected flights.
      • - Elite status: extra luggage allowance, mileage bonus, lounge access etc are some of the other advantages.
  • Business Class
    1. On the ground:
      • - Speedy check in, security and boarding
      • - Checked in baggage first after landing
    2. In the air:
      • - Five star services: premium assistance on departure, connecting flights or arrival in selected sectors.
      • - Admirals club lounge:
      • - Access to snacks, drinks, wifi and more.
      • - While in the plane, you have comfortable wider seats with more legroom in the business cabin.
      • - Premium dining: Access to a bigger menu for your meals
      • - Wifi: Access to our wifi so that you don ' t miss out on work or entertainment.
      • - Entertainment: All entertainment in flight is free. Wireless streaming allowed on selected aircrafts.
      • - Comfort in flight: get complimentary pillows and blankets.
      • - Elite Status: advantages like mileage bonus, extra bag allowance and lounge aces etc.
  • Premium Economy
  • A ticket behind the flagship seats is offered in premium economy. Services are:

    • - Speedy check in at airport
    • - Wider seats
    • - Free beer, wine and spirits
    • - Free wifi, entertainment
    • - Comfortable pillow and blanket free.

Baggage Policy

  • - Upto 10 bags for domestic, transatlantic and transpacific trips.
  • - Upto 5 bags for Mexico/Carribean/Central America, South America and Brazil.
  • - Dimensions: For all regions, your checked baggage allowance is:
  • - Dimension: 62 in / 158 cm
  • - Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kgs
  • - For First / Business Class, weight is 70 lbs / 32 kgs

Checking In

  • - Check in on before 24 hours of departure. Every airport has a minimum check in time. If you are not checked in by that time, we may give your seat to another passenger.
  • - Check in at least 45 minutes prior departure, for flights within the U.S.
  • - At least 60 minutes before scheduled departure, for flights to or from airports outside of the U.S.
  • - The doors close 10 minutes before departure and you will not be allowed to board once the doors close.
  • - American airlines reservations shows all these policies as well.

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