7 Hidden Ways to book Last Minute Christmas Flight Deal

7 Hidden Ways to book Last Minute Christmas Flight Deal

Recently, I caught a last minute Christmas flight deal on a round trip ticket to Miami. Since it was a last minute flight booking so basically, I clicked the Book Flight button then began packing my bags.  I had a few of you ask how I was able to score a flight for so cheap when it was so last second, so I’m sharing my secrets with you!

  • Use Fareskart.us

    Fareskart is an online travel agency with a crazy cool algorithm that allows customers to find cheap airline tickets. You just need to plug-in where you are flying from, destination & dates then hit the flight search button. Hundreds of flight option will be displayed on your screen from the cheapest airlines serving on the route.  They conveniently sort the cheapest flight on the top for you.

    You can get some extra discount on the Fares by directly calling to the Travel Executive on the

    Toll Free Number +1-855-948-6886. 

    For instance, if you are planning to fly to Miami, the online flight booking price is $78.59 but there is a CALL ONLY DEAL for $66.80.

    Last Minute Christmas Flight Deal

  • Be flexible on Time and Dates

The secret to find cheap flight is to be flexible with your travel days. If you’re not flexible with the travel dates, you will get expensive fares. It’s not difficult to conclude the fact that the flights are most expensive when everybody is looking to travel.

For instance, if you are looking for Christmas Travel Deals, i can guess that you will want to leave on December 24 & return on January 2.

Am I right?

You aren’t  going to get a great last minute christmas flight deals, since the airlines have no incentive to offer you, so you should just stop trying.

Last Minute Christmas Flight Deal

Christmas Airfare Sale, for instance, are always 2-3 days before the Christmas Eve & in New Year’s next week(depending upon the destination). To prove my point, I ran a random search on Google Flights(screenshot above) for a roundtrip, non-stop flight from Las Vegas to Miami for 9-day stay. You can clearly see in the screenshot which days are the cheapest to travel.

  • Be Sneaky

    Seriously, Search on Incognito!

    If you run a search on your regular browser, increased flight fares will be shown, when you repeatedly search for a specific flight.

    By using the browser cookies, the flight sites actually want to scare you by showing increased flight fares. They want you into booking the flight quickly before prices get higher.

    Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode in order to see the lowest prices.

  • Search mid-month & on a Tuesday or Wednesday

People typically get paid at the beginning and end of the month. Which is when they usually decide that they have money to travel. It’s a supply and demand thing. I also always score the best deals on Wednesdays, but other people are certain Tuesdays bring the cheapest flights.

  • Sign Up for fare alerts on major travel websites

    This one rarely comes handy while last minute travel but still I give a look in my emails for some exclusive discount popping out of my email inbox.

    Normally I like to use them when I’m booking a trip in advance because it allows me to see the fluctuations in prices, and then jump on a deal when it comes up.

  • Use Social Media

    Twitter, Facebook are great social media websites which offer published & unpublished airfares.

    If you want to track the cheapest airfare sales, then follow the airlines & more importantly follow Online Travel Agents, they offer great airfare deals & discounts.

  • Speak to a Travel Agent

    You never know if an airline representative can find a better Last Minute Christmas Deal. Its usually worth booking flight through Call Only Deals since they can search from partner airlines much quicker. To get in touch with a travel consultant, reach out Tollfree number below.

    Toll Free Number +1-855-948-6886. 


  1. Use Fareskart.us
  2. Be flexible on time and dates
  3. Be Sneaky
  4. Search mid-month & on a Tuesday or Wednesday
  5. Sign Up for fare alerts on major travel websites
  6. Use Social Media
  7. Speak to a Travel Agent

last minute christmas flight deals

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