New Year Flight Deals – Save $150 on Call Only Deal

New Year Flight Deals – Save $150 on Call Only Deal

If you are looking for exclusive tips on how to find cheapest New Year flight deals for 2020, New Year flight offers, Emirates New Year Sale, New Year offer flight ticket, Southwest New Year sale or Airline New Year sale

— you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve done awesome research and compiled an epic list of hacks for getting cheap airfares, affordable flight tips and budget travel advice to get great last minute New Year flights. 

Whether it is mind-blowing first time travel tips for newbies, or an “ah ha!” refresher low cost flight deals  for a wanderer, there’s something for everyone.

I had a few of you ask how I was able to score a flight for so cheap when it was so last second, so I’m sharing my secrets with you!

  • Use

I’ve mentioned this tip before & continue to because it is one of my favorites!

You just need to plug-in where you are flying from, destination & dates then hit the flight search button. Hundreds of flight option will be displayed on your screen from the cheapest airlines serving on the route.  They conveniently sort the cheapest flight on the top for you.

For instance, if you are planning to fly to Miami, the online flight booking price is $78.59 but there is a CALL ONLY DEAL for $66.80.

You can get some extra discount on the Fares by directly calling to the Travel Executive on the

Toll Free Number +1-855-948-6886. 

New Year Flight Deals

  •  Be Flexible

This is the traditional approach of getting a flight :

  1. Picking Up the Destination
  2. Filling Up the travel dates
  3. Getting Insanely expensive flights

Am I right ?

Typically this approach results in expensive fares while searching for last-minute New Year flights.

Instead, if getting a cheap flight is your priority, just flip that approach :

  1. See what prices are available via Google Flights, Kayak, CheapFlights etc to various famous destinations all around the world.
  2. Decide which of the cheap destination amaze you.
  3. Select the date you like that have cheap fares available

Flexibility is King

Be flexible with the Destination & travel date. If you’ve tucked on your destination & picked out your dates & don’t have flexibility, 95% of the flight fares will make whole in your pocket.

Add-On Tips :

Be sure to search more than one date. Clicking the calendar in Google Flights shows you cheap fares for two months at a time. Often times shifting the dates by even a day can cut the price to half.

  • Cross the Ocean as cheaply as possible

    Two itineraries are frequently cheaper than one. Plus benefit is you can stay & explore another city for as long or short as you like.

    Focus on getting the cheapest flights across the ocean, even if it’s not from your home airport or to your ultimate destination.

    Here is a personal example:  I got the best fares from Brussels to Dublin for $250 round-trip.

Budget-Friendly airfare that I bought it twice.

I booked a flight to Belgium though I didn’t have that much interest in Belgium, I knew once I was in Europe, I could easily find budget flights to other European countries.

  • Avoid Booking in Peak Travel Months

In North-America and Europe, the cheapest time to fly is usually:

  1. January to Mid-May
  2. September to Early December

The most expensive time to fly is usually:

  1. Peak Summer : Mid-June to Mid-August
  2. Christmas
  3. New Year’s Eve

Toll Free Number +1-855-948-6886. 


  1. Use
  2. Be Flexible
  3. Cross the Ocean as cheaply as possible
  4. Avoid Booking in Peak Travel Months



New Year Flight Deals


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