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S.No Origin Destination OneWay RoundTrip
1. New Jersey Dubai $410 $652
2. New York Dubai $450 $680
3. Orlando Dubai $728 $810
4. Miami Dubai $640 $820
5. Dallas Dubai $660 $798

Travel to Dubai

Known as one of the biggest travel hubs in the world, This Universe is a set of islands are built off the coast of Dubai. Dubai is place set of having the most amazing skylines in the world. Dubai is known for its amazing beaches and the worlds largest known artificial island, the palm island.

People need not think twice before travelling TO DUBAI. travelling cost of dubai is quite cheap as compared to other countries. if you’re not visiting the emirate during the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. However, to book at the best rates, it is better to book in advance.


Staying from best to worst is totally upto the customers choice. if you want to hav a good budget for parties its completely multiway. Dubai offers people a comfortable stay lower rate hotels as well and it starts from an unbeliveable rate of 25 usd.

Food and Drinks

People get tiered of eating the varieties in dubai.you need not visit any other country to eat their specialities. dubai food ranges start from Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Arabian, Emirati, Portuguese, European, Thai, and the list goes on.

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