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flights to Istanbul

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Travel to Istanbul

Known for serving 3 religions throughout the history. the country has one of the best life styles in the world. most unique feature of the country that attracts tourism is that it give you the pleasure to sit in europe and watch asia at the same time and swim between asia and europe,sound little crazy but is damn amazing.


Where you stay will depend mainly on what you wish to get out of Istanbul. It’s merely a matter of preference. The buildings have a more European feel as this area, this area was where the majority of the non-muslims lived .

Mode of Local Travel

Inside travelling of Switzerland is very affordable. Local trains connect almost every part of the cities. You do not need a cab to travel within the cities. Travelling in metros in fairly affordable.

Food and Drinks

The major taste that tourist look for lies in the streets of istanbul 5 star or 7 star will never give the taste that tourist actually look for visiting istanbul. Midye Dolma( a rice filling) Islak Hamburger, Kokor(A sandwich) , Lahmacun( meat) etc. are some of foods you must try.

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