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S.No Origin Destination OneWay RoundTrip
1. Atlanta Milan $652 $762
2. New York Milan $487 $770
3. Orlando Milan $773 $892
4. Miami Milan $539 $755
5. Dallas Milan $705 $1,321

Travel to Milan

Situated in Lombardy in Northern Italy, Milan is the nation's budgetary and design capital. It's a complex city, a city with a forward-looking mentality that always remembers its past glories. Administrative focus of the city amid the Middle Ages, the Piazza Mercanti offers guests a look at Medieval life in Milan.


Accomodation in milan for tourist should be previously booked because at time it may cost very expensive in milan. Like other developed cities it also has international chain of 5 star hotels . Brand concious people need not worry.

Mode of Local Travel

Open transportation in Milan is fantastic, and is in this manner the favored technique for getting around Milan.four underground/tram lines (#1 - red, #2 - green, #3 - yellow, #5 - purple ); a fifth metro line (#4 - blue) is under development.

Food and Drinks

Being established in italy the city has italic food taste.Some of unique foodsof milan are Rebelot, Ratanà , Dry Milano, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia etc which are not served in any other country

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