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Travel to Riyadh

Riyadh,the capital of Saudi Arabia.Riyadh is considered as the most straight-laced of the Saudi Arabia's big three cities. With most forms of entertainment banned, few sights of interest and a brutal climate, Riyadh is mostly a business destination. Riyadh looks beautiful at night lights, to spend a night, you can go to a "western"style coffee shop like starbucks, or you can go to a "traditional" style of coffee places where you can order shishah with mint tea. Aside from the restaurants and hotels wherein both families and singles can enjoy, there are no other nightlife activites in Riyadh in Western sense like bar, clubs, discotheque etc. Visitors are therefore best advised to travel between November and March during the city's winter when the weather is nevertheless pleasant enough to see all of Riyadh's top tourist attractions.

Riyadh's Attraction

One of the most popular attractions in Riyadh is the Masmak Fort, an ancient castle constructed during Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Rasheed’s reign. Besides being a mighty impressive sight which its 18-metre high Watch Tower 3-metre high Castle Gate, clock tower, high ceilings and mud walls, the Masmak Fort also holds historical significance for the city. It was captured by King Abdulaziz - who had been living in exile until he conquered Riyadh - a tale which achieved legendary status over the years and came to signify the heroic King’s attempts to unify the country.Catching the sun on its huge golden ball, the Al-Faisaliah Tower is one of Riyadh’s more unique buildings. Designed by Norman Foster and built in 2000 by the Bin Laden family, the ball at its centre includes a restaurant with fine views over the city. Another notable feature of Riyadh’s cityscape is the Kingdom Tower, which is an iconic symbol for the capital. With sleek curves and a striking design, the tower is as daring as it is beautiful. A popular attraction is the sky bridge, giving you breathtaking vistas of the surrounding desert.

Best Time To Visit Riyadh

Riyadh has an extremely hot, dry summers with sand blowing around the city. July and August are the hottest months. Winters experience cold temperature showcasing extreme weather of the region. October to March is the best time for sightseeing and exploring Riyadh.There is a lot of demand for hotels in Riyadh during this season.Thus,it is suggestion to book hotels well in advance to avoid hassles at last moment.

International airports near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

42 km: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH / OERK) King Khalid International Airport

372 km: Hofuf, Saudi Arabia (HOF / OEAH) Al-Ahsa Domestic Airport

Domestic airports near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

42 km: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (RUH / OERK) King Khalid International Airport

357 km: Ad Dawadimi, Saudi Arabia (DWD / OEDM) Dawadmi Domestic Airport

Local airports near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

14 km: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (XWM) Riyadh Military

14 km: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (XXN / OERY) Riyadh Air Base

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